Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I went to this crazy church a few (16) years back that basically messed my life up in umpteen million ways and was  - as I call it HAPPILY the "Church of the Holy Reproduction" because they were BEYOND arrogant and stupid and the pastor thought he spoke for God and said that having all the kids you could was a great idea.


It was a horrible idea.  I love my kids YET I'm glad they are but three.  My husband at the time was ill equipped for one lone child - let alone three.  I know so many families in that church that were train wrecks. some made it out  - some are still stupidly there.

BUT my thoughts are not against that church right this second.

I was thinking more of music.

Lucifer was said to be the angel of light and was supposed to be in charge of music.  Makes perfect sense to me.

When I was losing said husband number one our biggest issue was the music he chose.  I refused to find a rare and precious baby sitter to go to a concert to see a band I hated what they had to say.

He went without me.

I understand what they said.  I get it.  I still don't like it.  I never will.

When I chose to get a divorce I wanted someone who understood me.  I wasn't actually looking for love I was looking for a good father for my kids.  I can love anyone who's nice - but it was music that made the difference.  The first time Roger sat in my dustbuster minivan he saw my CD's and said he had all of them.  And he did.

Music is so much to me I can't even explain.  Music is why I'm not a Lutheran.  and it's why I will always be.  Those stupid hymns are in my freaking DNA - but I dislike them greatly.

music moves me  - daily.  It makes me think - feel and cry.  I dance in my kitchen making dinner - pretty much every day.  If lucifer is in charge of music he's doing a great job.  most of it sucks.  but when I hear a song that I know has slipped in.  under his radar - I know about it.  I swear - I do = it's so good and moving.

yeah the other day we were listening to the radio going to church and Highway to Hell came on.  I cranked it up just to be funny.  yeah.  The devil doesn't get all the good songs... and sometimes it's just funny.

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