Saturday, January 29, 2011

Entropy in the Kitchen

So hey - yeah It's me pulling out the big thoughts and big words but really - what the hell is cooking or feeding people but not big?

So tonight was chaos and I don't mean that in a oh my house is so awesome and oh here's what I awesomely made amid said chaos = HELLs no = it was chaos.  I noticed - last week that during my husband's LONG stint of working THROUGH - freaking everything - the sink in the kitchen was leaking and being the good wife - I waited til he was actually listening and after sex to tell him (I'm NOT stupid :D) SO today we went to pick out THE NEW faucet - and YES he took me along since he does actually want sex again and wants me involved :D

SO we discovered he doesn't much fit into the undersink area, so guess who did most of the faucet work?  MEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~  YUP!  I was okay with being supervised from above. 

SO as far as dinner - I'm not sharing the actual Peanut Chicken and Beef Satay - just yet.  I need to make it a few more times.  BUT dessert.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS  - I will share since MOM pretty much ate them all!

White Chocolate Honey in Chocolate Crust

A  bag of semisweet or dark choco chips
2 oz Honey Brandy or just brandy
White Chocolate (5 oz) cut into small pieces
2 cups whipped cream

Okay so in small muffin cup liners or regular liners decide what you want before hand and if it's small you will obviously get more - larger less (duh) and here we go

Met dark chocolate and spoon into liners. - If you worry about getting chocolate on your fingers stop now and walk away this craft isn't for you and really you are not my friend nor will I ever be able to explain anything further because working with chocolate NECESSITATES actually touching the stuff.  Okay that said EMBRACCCCEEE your inner chocolate goddess - okay that was lame - just touch the shit.  It won't hurt you - I promise.  Take the back of the tablespoon and line the liners with it really thick and lay them into a cupcake pan - keep going until you are out of liners or chocolate or things you want to line with chocolate :D

Stick them in the fridge


2 oz of honey brandy YUMMMMM or just brandy
1/3 cup honey

warm in a pan ADD
5 oz of white chocolate chips

stir - and COOLLLLLL 
a bit (like 10 minutes) THEN ADD
2 cups whipped cream  already whipped !!!! or half a container of cool whip - oh yes - your cheap ass can decide! PUT BACK INTO FRIDGE UNTIL CHOCOLATE IS COLD

WHEN the cups o chocolate goodness are cool peel away the paper CAREFULLY and then spoon the honey goodness into them.  Take a colander and just lightly sprinkle some cocoa powder over them to make them pretty but really they rock.  You also could (if you had them) sprinkle chopped pistachios on top - that would be lovely!!!!

Roger's mom ate a ton = really.  That's a 94 year old thumbs up!

So - I will write more about entropy - but as far as I see it I am the living embodiment of entropy in the kitchen!  I cook because I am energy just falling away.  I can't freakin eat half of what I make.   Tell me that's not wasted energy?  sigh - why do I bother?  Because I care.  that's why.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, sitting around with a group of people a number of years ago with my first husband and father of my children Tim, we started discussing the amazing coolness that happened in 1969.  Besides the birth of each other we came up with some cool and not always nice things that occured in the year that ended Peace and LOVE.  You have the Manson murders, Man walked on the Moon, Woodstock, Monty Python, and others that will hit me randomly so I will just chime in.  But I have to say being born then just kind of resonates.  I mean no disrespect if you were unfortunately NOT born in the coolest year ever, but well, I did.  And as such -  I carry that with me.  It's my burden and I will bear it happily :D

SO that being said I also had to endure High School in the 80's.  I looked like Madonna, dressed like Molly Ringwald and Relaxed because Freddy said to.  It was BiG and full of Aquanet and gel.  But honestly - I am less the 80's and more of the generation that questioned. (you pick since there were actually a lot who did!)  I have always felt out of time, like I got dropped into a generation where I didn't quite fit.  Not because I was a geek (yep) or a nerd (again yep!) but because the pieces just didn't fit nor did they fall away (yeah Tool!)  I felt out of place and time.  I know other people like me so don't start sending me Ritalin or Prozac thank you - though the Ritalin I think I could get good money for so - well, have at it . . .  but anywho . .  . I was a Beatles fan when my PARENTS couldn't name a damn BEATLES song if their freakin life depended on it!   I was BORN during the Beatles thing - and Janis and Jimmie and DEAR JESUS the SuMMER OF LOVE!  I claim the entire YEAR since I was conceived that year!  I was a night of LOVIN when my daddy was smiling and all ya'll makin faces right now - come on!  I'm a momma and I know where to put slot a into b so shut up!  I like to think that it was the best night ever and those other two just happened :D  LOVE YOU TWO :D

But to stop you right here I gotta say.  Unlike everyone ELSE from 69 I have NEVER done drugs (alcohol NOT withstanding) and frankly at this point it's just a mute point.  I'm too old and smart for it though if you sent me a 75 yr old bottle of Burgundy I certainly would NOT send it back :D BUT if you had something good and traveled here and it was fun - bring it.  I'm a great hostesses!  I personally LOVE Absinthe.  Yes technically it's legal and a halucinogen.  Okay bring it.  We'll play ding dong ditch - just ask Roger!!!  THAT was a good night :D

SO anywho ;-D

I know so so many people who have lead super de duper sheltered lives and so so many who haven't and it's funny - at this age we all just kind of blend.  We have scars  - we have bruises that may or may not have healed but we just - are.  We continue.  We have children or not, marriages or not, and we just move forward because - frankly, what's the alternative?  When I chose to end my marriage I thought I was standing on the edge of Columbus' world when everyone said it was flat and in my soul - I knew it was round. 

It is round. 

And we continue  . . . .

and CERTAINLY I mean no disrespect to Tim because he is an amazing man who I still love deeply and think the sun moon and stars of, but as we both move on life changes.

BUT really - it doesn't.

Clothes change and the role of women may change and the cool color of your skin may be in or not (though  - as a CHRISTIAN - Jews rock and I will think that Israel - right or wrong is the shit!) but really people just are.  We need.  We need food, sex and to feel needed.  BASIC right.  right.  We are dumb and smart and serve GOD or don't - it's just basically as close to the dirt as possible - it just is life.  So what I am saying here in my little diatribe is that - well, SHIT - "Love the one yer with."

Yes I just said that.  Do it.  NOW.  I am a very very smart woman - people have come out of my body - I have superpowers and spiritual gifts and the best THE BEST thing I can say to you is LOVE THE ONE YOU ARE WITH. 

And make cookies.

1 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown (pack it baby)
2 eggs
1 t baking soda
1 T vanilla
1 t salt

mix well add
2 cups m&m's and choco chips
2 cups flour
If you want to add maryjane at this point (From R I've heard it's fun- me - never had so I'm not going to say since I have no way to try it or tell you effects - just sayin)

Drop onto cookie sheet into a 350 oven in the size you like - personally I can't eat flour so what the hell - make them big or small I don't care - but since I like my size midrange :D have at it :D  Bake at 350 for like 8 minutes - you judge since I used to like my cookies on the slightly underdone side - but whatever - you pick just pay attention!

Anyway - in all seriousness - really really folks.  This is not a freakin dress rehearsal - do it right - love up on those you do and well - if you don't and you HAVE to share air space - just be nice -  I promise - there will be cookies at the end!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Winner winner Chicken Dinner!

I am a carnivore.  No apologies no excuses - God made animals and they are yummy.  I do draw the line at pets unless you have a pet cow or chicken and then all bets are off.  I spent a few stupid years not eating animals and it didn't work well for me so now that I can't eat wheat or milk I happily am the hunter gatherer girl!  Bring on the seared animal flesh (or unseared in the case of sushi!) BUT I'm not stupid.  (dumb maybe on random too much Cab Weekends) but not so much the stupid.  I cook my chicken to a nice well done thank you stage.  So on a trip to the store there was a happy looking "on sale" GIANT bird - had to have it.  I love chicken and am always looking for different things to do with it since not only do you have a great meal - you have a carcass for soup, stock etc. . . .

SO I waited because we had so much food but tonight I decided to stuff this 6.5 lb bird with tangerines and red onions and then pour a Dundee Pale Ale (think Sprecher Amber! I do so miss WI beer) and roast for about 2.5-3 hours at 375.  Think about 18 min. a lb or so - your mileage may vary.  I always do at least a few sweet potatoes and beets and regular potatoes while I'm roasting things.  It really rocked.  I did no extra fat aka no butter or oil but the beer really did it's job!  It was amazing. 

I have to say - I'd do this again.   Twice cuz I liked it :D!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trinity's Trio

So, my daughter has a thing for cheese.  It's an obsession really.  As the lactose intolerant mom - I live vicariously through my kids.  It's kind of like being the sick stage mom who pushes her kids to be stars (hello - Lindsey Lohan's parents!) but in a more Dairy like environment with not so much the alcohol and drugs!

I love to make homemade mac and cheese (yes, I make the box kind often - I'm not ready to be made Saint Katie ANY time soon) but when it's requested and I actually have the ingredients - why not? 

So the homemade stuff just takes a few more steps but really not that much - noodles - well, not the spaghetti kind.  Really anything macaroni-ish (if that's a category) it needs to have holes to be infused with the cheese stuff.  I could go into the hour long dissertation on pasta but I will spare you.  Basically, just think -  if it has sauce that needs to be WITH it - long and stringy is fine.  IF the sauce needs to be IN it and part of the WHOLE experience then it needs to have a hole or pockets.  SO that being said - use whatever the hell you want :D

Preheat oven to 350

I did 16 oz of pasta (small macaroni)

Boil water with a ton of salt - think as salty as the sea and you won't need to salt your pasta later! Cook IT (pasta of your choosing) to al dente (slightly underdone) and drain.  Put the hot pasta into a crock or something that can go into your oven  - add 8 slices of american cheese (yea the kind in the wrapper) 1 cup of milk and 1/2 stick of butter.  Put in oven for 20 minutes.  Take out and mix - judge if your pasta was thirsty and either add more milk or more cheese (there's always room for cheese :D) I added some parm and another slice of cheese here. If you have some shredded colby jack that's always good - if not no harm!   Heat again for a brief 10=15 minute burst.  Enjoy


Trinity asked when I was making grilled cheese sandwiches - if I could do a grilled cheese with MAC AND CHEESE?

But of course I can :D ( I of course did the crazy french accent - because what could be more fun than zat?)

I put a stick of butter in the pan (yes- yes I did!)
My homemade bread slices (not so thin) both sides of both pieces (I'm so glad I'm not eating this :D)
Cheese on each piece and then my mac and cheese on each - join in holy matrimony of cheese!  Enjoy!

The holy TRINITY of cheese!  DAIRY overload!  LOVE IT!  That is Trinity's contribution to the world of cheese.  Some like the Elvis sandwich == there will be a trinity sandwich soon!  I know it!  May the cheese be with ya'll!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I like it hot

Ok, so I have no tolerance for the Wuss Kind.  I eat things so hot they would blister you.  I don't get why you don't.   I have personally eaten a GHOST PEPPER  yes it was STUPID hot.  I won't do it again.  It was not my personal favorite.   But yeah, did it - lived another day - moved on.  I don't get the non-hot lover.  Okay I get people who like football - I understand why you like it, and why I hate it.  but hot food?  WTF?  why don't you get it?  why don't you like Sriracha? What the hell is wrong with you?

Okay so I'm being totally judgmental and ironic -  I know why you don't like hot food. . . BECAUSE it's HOT!  LOL  It burns - it's HOT and unless that is a sensation that you personally enjoy - it's good = or not good.  There are things I personally enjoy that others do not - it's a preferance issue and this is not the time for this topic, but what I AM saying is I LOVE hot and thankfully the hubby likes it too. 

Turkey tacos.  too hot!!!

2 tubes of turkey meat from aldi's
cook the livin hell out of them
when cooked rinse them
YES I said rinse them - TWICE - really this stuff is nasty.  Just do it.

When they are pea sized or smaller - yeah! - add 2 cups water - and let it cook down some (damn I sound backwater southern now don't I? :D)  boy hidey I do :D difference is I have my own teeth~ and a degree :D

THEN add 2 BIG Tb of cumin (or more) a ton of red pepper a ton of garlic powder a ton of onion powder and some salt  - when this boils down add a cup (perhaps more) of really hot salsa and a cup of  cheese salsa. 

The hot sauce I use would kill most people so I won't advise it - I just love it~  It's an aquired taste.  I like it hot = but I come from a special place.  There really are only a few like me made every year - and 69 made only a few.  If you are one - I'd love to be your friend.  If you are just an appreciator - I still like you.  Hey - I'm not a hater.  I just like heat.  It keeps me close to my maker.  He made the SUN - I'm good with that.

If'n ya'll are eatin this - black beans, lettuce shredded, shredded cheese, sour cream, and more hot stuff.  Okay bring on the hard or soft shells.  we really all know how a taco should end so well.,  there you have it!