Friday, April 6, 2012

and you are . . .

This is sort of on the theme of my previous posts but not really = and why exactly does it take water - a sharp object and alcohol for me to figure this shit out - okay I was taking a bath and shaving things but hello? TON o BRICKS moment.  I was remembering an earlier in the day conversation from someone who was telling me about this "lady" from town that bragged constantly about her running time etc . . she wanted to get in the paper everytime she ran . . . . she was bragging about her 10 mile time and it was ( ironically 10 minutes slower than my time the day before) and I suddenly got all offended.  not as a runner but for some reason as a knitter and I was like HUH? what the hell does this have to do with knitting?  And then it hit me.  She was hitting a part of who I am but not the real "WHO I AM."  Of course I love Jesus and HE is LORD.  Understood. BUT the me who is uniquely KATIE is a KNITTER who also RUNS.  I am so OCD I can't NOT workout.  I've done ellipical machines cuz I can knit on them.  Bikes cuz I can knit on them.  But running was just me and road and a goal.  Marathon.  CHECK.  much like that really complicated cabled sweater pattern. check.  I run because I can. and it serves that purpose.  I'm 42 and can wear clothes I've worn forever. 3 kids not a factor.  I run because it's a great burn and I like being sweaty when it's already 100 degrees and humid.  I run because I enjoy the feeling of my heartbeat in my ears and music that I hear only from memory.

But I knit because I crave it.  I crave my hands and head and heart meeting as one and doing what I say.  I knit because it's who I am.  I am a runner.  But I am a knitter who runs.  there is a difference.  And if you are a knitter who also does something else - you know what I mean.  OR if you are a "fill in the blank" who runs you also understand.  There is passion and there is passion lite.  It just is. Well gotta fly - doing a half marathon in the morning and then got a date with Home Depot - yeah.  My weekend.