Wednesday, August 7, 2013

growing pains

I have a new yard.  New as in driveway - new brick front wall and new railing.  New driveway and new gate that opens when I push a button.  New backyard.  Driveway and Pool area and then Garage.  NEW NEW NEW.  I'm um.  a little. um



I'm a lot overwhelmed.

I do change on the normal human level.

Puppy - new puppy - yeah he's great he's cute.  JESUS HE IS SHITTING ON MY RUG!!!  aaahhh okay cleaning up shit. . . and garbage that little bastard - oh i mean my darling - is OMG how cute is he ????? he's sleeping. . . and then growing and then stupidly chewing my best sandals . . . and then growing and doing evil . . .

Point is = change and time.

I can do change with time.  TOO MUCH CHANGE . . . TOO LITTLE TIME makes me more nuts.

I can't say crazy since everybody KNOWS I'm 5 beers short of a 6 sixpack  17 fries close to a happy meal and 8 pins short of a strike so YEAH - I KNOW NUTS.

But the one thing I'm okay with.  And kinda keeps me not chewing the curtains is my garden.

So. . . I gotta say I don't get it.  I have my dad's ability to just make shit grow.  I HAVE killed things as has he.  and I hate when a plant dies.  It bugs me bad.  BUT I have things live that SHOULD NOT LIVE.  I have a tree we got from freaking ALDI's!!!  ALDI's for like 10 bucks.   It was DEAD when we bought it and then I brought it back to life and then MOVED IT.  And I was not gentle.  Yeah - growing.

My personal specialty is vine.  vines like me.  I love them.

They move.  when they grow.  they are so alive and moving and growing.  vines are my thing.

they are plants that are stuck - they are stuck where I said to make them stuck but yet - they move on their own.

Like they know their basic limits but grown even beyond that and thrive.

yeah.  vines.

I am a vine.

and a great one at that.

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