Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Against all Odds . . . .

Alright - I have to admit that's a bit of a stretch for a title.  It was a movie I never actually watched but  it was a theme song I sang (embarrassingly loud) with my best friend Jodi W. while she expertly played piano.  STILL it is a moving song.  And as a concept I sorta get it.

I am an unabashed Christian.  Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  I believe that the Earth is NOT millions or Billions of years old.  I believe in the flood.  I also believe that dinosaurs existed.

ANYwhooooo .. . I believe the Bible.  The Bible of Moses and Abraham and Jesus.  That being said . . . I believe God knows VERY clearly where we are living today.  We are sooooo NOT in the Garden of Eden.   We don't exist in His perfect idea of life.  Nobody that we heard about -  besides Adam and Eve and maybe Cain and Abel knew how amazing it was.  We won't ever definitively know.  Heaven is going to be WAYYYYYY different - or so I've heard.

That said.  I trust God.  I totally trust that what HIS book says is true will work today as it did previous.

WHICH makes me also NOT trust false prophets who tell you to do dumb things -  like play with poisonous snakes because someone in the BIBLE was EXAGGERATING.  I say things all the time to make a point.  I don't know precisely how many camels would fit through needle eyes but my guess is ZERO!!!!  Jesus was using a METAPHOR!!!!  It's a literary term.  God is not saying - hey dumb ass - test me and see how many snakes bite and kill  you. . . .  it was just a reference to - UM WELL, TRUST GOD!!!!  Personally if you need the Cliff Notes here - you WIN the Darwin award.  Go ahead Bubba - the snakes are all yours.

Do I believe that Angelina Jolie made the right choice to cut off her breasts with the help of the best surgeons in the universe to circumvent getting cancer?

Hell YES!

Do I think the rest of the known universe without the help of the best surgeons in that same universe would have been able to take months off to care for themselves and their brood of kids and responsibilities?  no.  Does Obama Care cover such a procedure?  Ouch.  right.

Do I care right now if she did the right thing?  Yeah.  Good for her.  All I could think right away was that I saw those gorgeous breasts in the movie Gia.  Yeah.  She's HOT!  But she's a mom now.  Not even the tiniest bit less amazing but suddenly with more responsibility.  She doesn't want to fight the odds - she wants to mitigate them.

If the "house always wins,"  don't play.   I was married in Vegas.  I get that one!

I would have done the exact same thing.   If it meant cutting off a leg or I would be a cancerous ticking TIME BOMB?  TAKE THEM both - I will figure this out.  My kids need me.   Certainly NOT any more than her kids need her but obviously I'm not a BAZILLIONAIRE married to freaking Brad Pitt.

I'm frankly offended that there are radical church freaks taking lame pot shots at her.  I trust God but when I get pneumonia I don't JUST pray I get an antibiotic thankyouverymuch!    I UNDERSTAND the people who don't trust the medical industry as a whole - I was one of them for a long time - I get disliking those Dr.s who are on the pharmaceutical companies payroll and sucking at the prescription tit.  Thankfully I have met some amazing Doctors over the years who are real and WOW are actually either both Ethical AND Christian or just some really great Human Beings.  They have restored my faith in medicine.  

I take being a mom super serious.  and whether you actually birth the kids out of you or adopt doesn't make them less yours.  I get it.  Good for you AJ.  I'm proud of you.