Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have Dog will Travel

So for all of the haters out there YES we KNOW we are dumb to adopt another dog.  YES we know we are morons for adopting another pit.  But when you fall in love with a face . . .  really? what cha gonna do?  I saw bottom left corner of a rogue's gallery of photos and "bottom left" (aka Dozer) hit me like - well, a bulldozer.  I knew it was dumb.  I knew it was ill advised.  But I also knew it was going to be great.  On that deep level that you just know.. . . he was going to be great.

So the road to get him was not super hard - actually it was pretty painless.  Long - yes - (8.5hrs one way) but an easy drive.  NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like getting (AKA white freaking KNUCKLES) from Northern Virginia to Wisconsin.  I swear they don't make enough roads to have that actually happen.  It blows.  But VA to Augusta.  nothing.

Not to overshadow my new boy but seeing my B. was the best thing EVER!!!  Seeing somebody you loved and lost and then found and then refound and then "damn - it's been 15 years" has been a roller coaster of stupidly missing someone who was such a part of you you didn't even realize you couldn't breathe without them.

Dozer.  My new boy.  He is so stupid pretty.  He is Jared Leto in Fight Club.  Bella (14lbs)  kicks his stupid 58lb puppy ass.  She is not happy with him.  No. NOT HAPPY.  She will get over it.

This is a rescue who was not beaten but abused by neglect.  He had to figure out what stairs were.  (so smart it took him a day and now he thinks he's king of the second floor!)  He's never felt carpet.  BTW - LOOOOOOOVES it.

Dom was freaked out.  WHO THE HELL IS THIS IN MY HOUSE.  Legit he was an ass for about 2 days.  bumping him.  smashing him into things.  Thank GOD Dozer is still made of rubber - and a pit so he felt nothing.  Now.  They are comrades in arms.  I'm actually scared they will take over.  Though Dozer will be the brains since Dom is an idiot.  We have lost a screen door.  yes. Dozer was on a mission and it got in the way - or he didn't see it.  I pick the first.  To be expected.  I married an engineer and I intend to use him.  I designed a dog proof door (yes DOM has gone through as well) I want him to build this.  It may actually be such a great design we may be in the dog door business soon.  Wouldn't that rock???

Dozer is a chewer.  I've never actually owned one of those.  Dom doesn't chew.  Never did as a puppy - still doesn't.  Doz is 3 stuffed toys in and it's only day 4.  :D.  I'm okay with that.  If he eats my Bible we will come to blows though!!  kidding.  Remington reference.  Doz is a cloth chewer.  I bought 3 stuffed toys and a towel that was knotted (didn't buy that actually) the towel lasted all of 1/5 of a day.

Dom is a lazy ass who likes car rides, sunsets and redheads . . . . kidding.  no actually he does.  BUT he's so lazy.  Dozer has him moving.  If Dozer runs Dom thinks about it . . . lol.  I've started being more faithful in the dog running/walking thing.  Dom is a dumb ass who sniffs every freaking thing and would KILL me if I tried to run with him.  He stops DEAD and though he weighs WAY less than I do his center of gravity is a bit lower than mine having stupid long legs and arms.  He almost had me do a full superman fall.  So we walked and I had him close and tight.

Dozer?  We ran the full block (almost a mile)  NO ISSUE!  THANK YOU  B. and Tipton County Paws and Claws for such faithful work.  Dozer is a big boy (tall) and we will keep him exercised and I hope Dom starts enjoying walks more.  Sadly Dom is freaked out by little things and  perhaps we haven't helped.  Today was garbage day and so bins were lining the streets . . . Bins are clearly from Satan and scare the poo out of my big black pit DOM!!!  He freaks when he sees them.  Balloons also are satanic.  as are clowns . . oh wait that's me.

I'm so happy to see a dog go from not knowing his name - to getting it - in 2 days.

He peed on my foot in my kitchen.  I think HE got how freaked I was and hasn't done it again.  I did yell a bit (okay - a lot) and take him outside to learn POTTY is OUTSIDE! and hose my foot and my kitchen rug.  but we have hardwood and tile and it's easily cleaned.  as is my foot.

He is so smart I do NOT doubt that he will get it.  and soon.

I really hope the little dogs start to like him since he is forever here.   Well, Sadie may never like him but that's okay.  He leaves her alone since she runs the place anyway.   It's a matriarch thing.

I know people think we are crazy but I just knew.  Something about this dog was not to be missed.  I may be wrong but I think down the road I'm going to be so glad Dozer and Dom are watching our house.  Dozer especially.  He has a quiet gentle spirit but there's some serious intelligence behind that gorgeous face.

Well, we will see.  But a rescue is a rescue and I'm not certain who was who.

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