Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bono Vox

I'm pretty sure that's bad Latin.  U2 may know.

I strongly DO NOT LIKE JK Rowling.  Yeah I know my own personal sister and the rest of the universe would take GRAVE offense to that statement but I really dislike her style of writing.  She - In my non-multibillion pound producing mind is very sludgy as a writer.  It takes me too long to read her because she's too hard to get through.  I don't like her "style" or more to the point -  "VOICE".   I read most of her first book and snored through it all.  I didn't really care what happened to Harry since it seemed she didn't either.  She - as most British writers - seemed to be somewhere else when it was all happening and Damn if they really didn't care all that much when they were there  ....  Now don't get this wrong.  I don't dislike British writers - no.  just her.

Now Hemingway.

A man who ran with the bulls

The war correspondent

A Man's Man. who could.

write like a woman.

He could get into a woman's head and write like she thinks.  Don't believe me?  Please read To Have and Have Not.  He understood and got it.  Prolly why he killed himself.  just sayin

So my sister and I nearly got into a fist fight over freaking Harry Potter.  AND - for the record I'd have kicked her skinny ass to the curb if it got that far.  She may be more educated but I can street fight.  :D

totally kidding. I'd have shanked her and hid the body.
I watch Criminal Minds.  I got this.

So knowing how I like voice and I like certain writers and I know what voice I personally have - My daughter is right now on this Percy Jackson thing and telling me how the the Movies suck compared to the books (as always - cough cough - the Shining) so ummmmmm hey Trinity - we have the whole series of books right?  Ok? OK!!!

Rick Riordan.  HOLY crap !!!   IMHO okay forget the H.  He's a billion times better writer than JK wishes she were.  If it didn't start raining on me I'd not have come inside.  Sucked in on page 3 !!!  WOW.

I guess my thing is when you find a writer you GET or don't get - you understand voice.  or more to the point - Don't understand voice.  I read really really fast.  A sludgy writer or someone I don't get slows me.  I hate that.  It's like reading a book in a language you knew but haven't used in 20 years.  It makes things super taxing and not in a good way.

OK - gonna go read now.  The Lightening Thief.  good stuff.  thanks Trin.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Son.  15 as of 10:20 this morning.  I remember it like it was 15 yrs ago.  :D  Thank you for being You 100%

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

heavy lifting

being a parent is the hardest fucking job on the planet - to date.  at least for me.  It sucked the life out of my boobs.  FOR REAL.  36 C to a 34 B at best.

It has also messed with my brain.  I used to LOVE horror movies.  really.  really really.  LOVED that shit.  then I had humans that I care about come out of me and then the universe shifted and it was all about what happened to them.  I NOW can NOT understand PAYING to be scared when the news on TV for free freaks me the hell out!!!!  I am now totally suspect of you if you can actually watch a horror flick and not care.  I can barely watch Criminal Minds without freaking.

Being a full time parent for THREE amazing but totally different and at most times DIFFICULT humans is challenging and also the most humanizing thing ever.  If you have kids - pay attention - wanna see your worst traits?  there they are. Full force - in play and making fun of how cool you thought you were.   maybe if you are lucky you will see your good ones too.

here's where it gets hard.  Divorce the spouse you had these kids with.  And then see your spouse in your kids  My son is my ex - physically.  He's all crazy curly hair and suddenly skinny though he eats me out of a fridge in day!!!   And it makes me smile.  I remember being young.  My son is so sweet.  He's a different egg.  Asperger's makes him different but loving.  I love my son so much.  My daughters are more like me but also different.  Trinity acts independent and smart but craves attention and love.  Yeah.  Me.

Aislinn is PURE Sullivan.   creative - dramatic - fun and social.  She is super sweet - but has explosive emotions.  She - like her sister need to be given daily love and affirmation.   Good thing I'm here.

I love the parents I have and GOD knows I've made a truck load of mistakes.. . but I know my kids.

I don't think my parents knew what to do with me and my siblings.  God knows I barely know what to do with my kids and I have had a train load of education and support and psychobabble.

Personally I think to be a parent you have to unplug yourself and your personality and YET also realize that you are part of this.  You and what you do - say and are part of - impacts who these humans in your house turn into.  You have to let them be who they are and want to be but also inject your subtle influence.  SUBTLE being the ultimate word.  I have learned that being a HEAVY handed parent turns your kids into the opposite of what you think is good.  Tim (the ex) always said - play music loud and be weird and your kids will end up normal.  I like that approach.  As young parents we spoke to our kids like adults - played music loud and didn't pretend like we were not in charge.  I have some pretty great kids if I can be so bold to say.  They are all now in Middle School and Liam starts High School in September.  I'm proud of my kids.  I love them more than O2 because they are the best and worst of me and Tim.  They are part of my Midwest life and now thriving here in VA.  I love Virginia.  It is amazing.  I don't know anywhere I would rather be except maybe TX or FL.  This state is amazing.

Just sayin.  But being a parent is the heaviest of heavy lifting.  and also the lightest.  :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

I am judging you

Okay so that was just the teaser line -  but if you are at all honest as a human or at least me - I  cannot NOT judge someone based on who or what I perceive is their intent or drive.

For me it's amicability.

Are you bitchy and opinionated and that opinion goes without the justification that makes me believe even if i disagree with you  - you will still not want to shank me?  I have "friends/family members" I believe despite degrees and oaths would  - ABSOLUTELY - shank me.  Not my favorite humans.  And I will go to my grave saying so.  I am  - basically a really nice chick.  I rescue dogs and have birthed babies.  I bake bread for people and open my house to kids that have nowhere else to go during the week in the summer.  Oh wait - they are mine.  Jesus !!!  and I feed them!!!  COME on - they are a tough crowd!!!  wanting Ice Cream and stuff.

Really.  I do judge people..   Be honest  - we all do it.  NOBODY is not racist - - even just  a little bit.

Let me be honest - I'd take 12 George Z's to one Trayvon.  AND Here's why -  have you have ever been scared in a parking lot with your purse held tight to your chest.  sorry but being real.  I HAVE!  BE real!!!  I've lived in several big cities.  It's real and if you say it's not you are dumb.

I'd take a man doing what HE thought was right over a SUPPOSED punk any damn day.  This is not celebrating ending a man's life - but let's be real?  how many gang deaths do we never ever hear about?  I HATE that a young man had his life ended and someone else had his picked apart by lawyers and posers but If you have ever locked your car door LADIES when someone is close - be HONEST for once.  George isn't the threat unless YOU are one.  George isn't the problem.   The problem is still the problem.

We are not nice as a HUMAN RACE as a general rule.   It makes me sad that someone that I know doesn't see the universe as I see it but I don't take that as an act of war.  I see the God that made the human eye as kind of the non-petty sort and gets that we are not as smart -  big  - all knowing NOR mysterious as HE is.

I love my doctor.  She is Indian of the West variety.  I love love love her.  Her fingers are longer than my arm!  (a bit exaggerated) but she's balanced.  I like that.  I think she's Hindu.  though there's no evidence.  just vibe.  I love her.  i would trust her to make the best decision ever for my children my hubby or myself.  I trust her.  I have built a relationship over the last 3 years of in and out with her that warrants that position.  I trust my doctors because I pray and then choose them wisely.  My midwife was chosen.  My Doctor was chosen and she was AMAZING.  My pediatrician was the one who told me not to vaccine my babies before they were a year and then left us to be a "DR without Borders." ass.  lol  - he is an amazing man I love and respect him.  YES we vaccinated our kids.  just not as infants.  I'm not stupid.

If you think you don't judge another human based on who you are, where - or even just the day you are having you are misguided.  Be real.

I am judging you on your Guacamole recipe.

Mine is amazing.  My hands are still burning.  Text me if you want it.  I know there are toes I've stepped on writing this but I calls um like I seez um and I am too old not to.  If something hit you  - good.  chances are it should have.

And we should be all based on what we can bring to a party.

2 ripe avocados
2 jalapenos (with seeds - duh)
3 romas
half an onion
citric acid or a full on lemon assault

not a ton of cash but goodness.

I know I will have haters but if we can't be honest with what we think or feel - I personally believe we have nothing.  Lisa Lampenelli is one of my favorite comediennes  - she is funny and rude and nasty and vile and yet totally completely accurate.  That is a rare gift.  And real.