Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning to Fry - cuz I ain't got wings . . . coming down . . . . is the hardest thing

Okay so Tom Petty can sue me any damn time but it fit so I choose to rock it thank You.   SO you all know me and that the five things that make me truly happy (as in activities - not people) are not necessarily in order 1. knitting 2. having sex 3. cooking 4. running 5. writing.  going to the store to buy things to do number 3 would be of course like 3a and if it's in my super amazing "crazy grocery store" like we call it - it is most certainly nirvana.  So we were engaged fully in 3a with my sweet Aislinn who said - "hey mom, do you think we could like you know, make real fries - you know like real french fries?"  Okay.  challenge placed.  challenge met.  I am a Good Eats SLAVE - okay Alton - if you are out there and want to leave Georgia to be with me - I'm in Virginia - bring it food geek!  Having just watched the "don't fear frying" show from like 2001 of his GE historical shows  I was well versed in the double frying method.  We bought it all.  Except the shitty "already own it" baby deep fryer.  Let's just say the fries turned out just fine.  That shitty deep fryer is now on it's way to a better home since I need to do more than 4 fries at a time.  It so totally worked.  Yes - but hour 3 into 3 potatoes is way more patient than I personally have. So BYE and good riddence.  BUT the peanut oil is saved and in the fridge.  check.

BUT I have to say the double frying method that all good restaurants use is valid.  Pomme Frittes only get that cool moniker because they are truly yummy when done right.  AND if I can use this side bar as a " If you won't try something good I don't trust you."  then I will.

  I am truly sorry for kids who's parents made them eat bad liver.  And I do mean that  - since the Liver that I make for myself and ONLY myself makes me - upon delivery into my mouth - make sounds I only make into the deepest of soul kisses or orgasmmmm!!!  I make that Young Frankenstein - yummy sound.  I am not going to make that yummy sound for something not yummy.  Not instinctual - so No NO NO liver is not yucky.  just buy fresh and don't over cook.  I'm sorry though - I don't eat pork so it's beef or veal only.  I would bet pork is just as good but I'll trust you on this one.  and so we move on.  I just so live to cook and make things so I guess it's the basic things I crave.  Food, wine and clothing.   If we are covered - fed and have a good wine buzz going it's pretty much nirvana for me.  Now when Roger looks into the food processor and realizes it's pate it will be perfect . . . .  :D  yessssssssss   and we have horrified.  I can go to bed chuckling and happy.  yum.