Friday, August 9, 2013

The dogs of war

there are animals we own

Currently we have one surviving hermit crab.  Shelly is fine and thank you for asking. Trinity came home from the Outer Banks with three and Nemo and Beach are no more but Shelly is still sitting up and taking mist so we are happy.  Our almost 5 yr old guinea pig Snickers is still fat and sassy.  Daily he gets fed more food than the people in countries that eat him get.  I guess that should be wrong.  But he cracks me up.  He's so social.

I'm watching all episodes of Greys.  I have to.  I stopped watching because I had to.  SO now I've started at the beginning - because I had to.

I lost my dog a while back.  I say that because we bond with animals on levels we don't want to admit.  We are humans. We don't want to be the crazy cat lady or the person who puts animal over people but when you bond with an animal you just know.  It's the soul mate human thing.  You just bond and get it.  It's like your favorite child and if you are a parent and have more than one you need to admit to having a favorite - we all do but no one will admit it.  We love our kids but as humans we clearly love some on different levels.

Yeah.  Bella is my dog.  that little bitch is my dog.  she is my dog on levels I never knew I had in animal matter.  and she got lost.  she was let out with no gate and went on an adventure.  I was beyond crazy.  I was hypercrazyventalating!!!!!!

when a nice lady almost a mile from our house found her and called the cops since she wasn't wearing her collar - I was thankful and guilty at once.  Getting her back was amazing.  she was a rescue.  Her owners didn't WANT her. ??????????  she is the best dog ever. for me.  I guess it's who you are and what your needs are.  I guess it's who you bond with.  I hate little dogs.  except for bella.  lol

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