Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love is in the red letters. really really

I remember the day.  I actually disdainfully laughed.  In my overeducated and Hugely inflated ego due to far too much acadamia.  I would actually like to claim that as a disability.  "I'm sorry =  I can't work  YOUR HONOR - I'm just too fucking smart. . . . " Uh.  yeah that was me.

 Then there was a wedding.

I really am too embarrassed to give more details than I can because it really was a beautiful wedding.  I made fun of a bride because of her choice of footwear.

It was a day that frankly will sit with me forever.

It was a wonderful wedding! But unlike the man I WAS married to  - she is still there with her man.  I'm glad.  He is a good man. One of my all time favorite humans.  and I still am shameful.  It was a statement.  If I had done it  - it would have been cool.  because DAMN it's me.  she did it because she is a gorgeous woman and was making her humble statement.  For me it was an arrogant - "ohhhh I'm smart and you shoeless fool ,. . . .    "

damn my education.  she was being open.  it was an open honest moment. 

and I spit on it.

shame on me. 

end of day.

shame on me.

just saying.  I am learning.  Being educated does NOT make me a good person.  Being open.  Yeah.  That that is learning.

MAG church.  Now is going to be Chapel Springs.  amazing. WORD. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

noodles of fury aka my dinner

I originally started writing a blog before blogs were cool.  That's not a brag it is just a sad fact that I'm old and was at home with little kids and not a lot of friends.  The Internet was a place to make friends of similar interests.  I was part of Craftsty.  A cool collective of patterns, ideas and just great folks who like crafts and make random things.  I was part of several craft swaps that paired you up with someone random across the globe and you made something of a certain theme and then sent it to them and they made something for you and then sent it.



ever. really really.

my pin fish.  is still the best thing anyone has made for me to date.

it's a fish made of felt sitting on a bed of water looking fabric that has beads in it.  My pin fish freaking rocks.

SO.  I started out as a crafty chick.

I am still.

I give you a gluten free yummy thing I call...............

wait for it

NOODLES of FURY~ or like.


I can eat them so I don't care

I can eat rice noodles so find a place and then

get some.

boil like mad ( I always add some sea salt to the water.)

before said boil is over add 1/2 lb of fresh spinach leaves


throw back in hot pot

add one egg and stir like mad

I do see a lot of mad things here :D

add parm.


I added Tabasco but I then add that shit to freaking everything.

So.  Enjoy my gluten free friend.  I feel your pain.  My life is a sinking hole of suckage.  oh. no. not really.  I cope,  It's not like I've abandoned my court ordered  responsibility!  yeah that would make me a total troll.  Oh wait that's not me.  so well just enjoy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

2 minutes

SO.  if you are at all an American with a TV radio or internet connection you get that shit is going down in our fair country as we speak.

If you have a loved one who was hurt in jeopardy or close I'm so sorry.  My daughter's teacher's daughter was running the marathon today but we know she's okay.  Not actually but. . . actually YEAH.

I've never loved God more today than I ever have in my life.

They say shit happens.  Yeah I know.  often.  daily

If you know me you know I married someone who owned my heart until he didn't.  And then I moved on.  With kids in tow.  To the great land of VA!  I freaking love DC area.  But for those who live in the land of the free and home of the brave we have luxury status as in a BUCKET LIST . . . . to run a marathon was one of mine.

I was even so arrogant as to put a "before 40" on that bitch.  Yeah.  I trained for the Richmond Marathon for almost 8 months.  it was 2011.  My secret goal beyond just finishing was under 4.  I ran that in 3:43.  I was under and uber pleased.  I qualified for BOSTON baby.  but.  Not 2013.  they changed it in my age group by two minutes.  or I would have been at that finish line with my family today.  two minutes.

I was the person who slept through their alarm on Sept. 11, 2001.

BUT I admit I was angry at first.  I ran - hard.  I walked through the water stops but god damn to qualify for my age I ran hard. . . . I'll admit I was a bit pissed off. then.  TODAY?


I'm not pissed off

I'm grateful

okay I'm pissed off by the coward who took out runners.

I really would like him/her/coward group/whatever to suffer what they did to people

today.  I am sad.  I could have been there.  I was slated to be but my JESUS made me walk for two minutes.  He made me slow just a tiny bit.  I finished 17 minutes before I said but still in full street cred. He made sure I was a tiny rockstar but didn't go to Boston with my family 2013.

If you ever think a door is closing in front of you . . . it may be a door that a year and a half in front of you explodes on tv.  just say thank you Jesus and cry.  I know I did.  2 minutes.  I would have been there.  with my kids.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

this could get me fired - or not.

oh wait.  I think I'm going to work for a bitch anyway what does that matter?

So I had a dream last night that I was sewing - yeah right I know ME sewing . . . who would have thought?  It was red Sunbrella fabric with big green palm fronds that I have worked with more than I would care to share. 

Oh yeah,  those just tuning in . . . I sewed custom cushions for most of my adult life.  and it was really amazing stuff.  Yeah that was ME re-doing million dollar mansions on the Lake Geneva shorelines.  And gated communities.  And Chicago uppity ups with their 50,000 dollar nursery, who thankfully spent a hair of that on my personal sewing labor.  It was actually pretty cool.  I under charged to guarantee that I got in.  My Decorators told me I under charged but that was the Lutheran in me not wanting to be proud.  Catholics and Lutherans  if they are in the trades . . . . seek them out. 

Anywho . . . .  Dream.       Today Roger comes home and asks me what I would charge for sewing. . . . . My brain goes numb.  He actually pulls out the word SUNBRELLA.  I'm stunned.  His boss who lives.  okay when I say the city it won't mean dick to you if you don't live here but  . . . dude lives in sorta Beverly Hills. . . wants me to do his sunroom furniture.   Can't find someone to do it.  Oh and another coworker has a grill cover . . . 

I'm a bit in shock.  I am currently on garage watch.  Making sure the tyvek goes on all four sides and I guess I've failed since the tan garage does not currently meet the GREY house.  I have not yet been fired since I did not actually sign for said TAN siding but there may be a flogging and I hope it's not me. 

But as the home wife watching progress and trying very hard to not kill the dogs who moment by moment NEED me to KNOW that in fact there are actually STRANGERS IN OUR YARD.. . .and actually more to the point BLACK men in our yard . . which I try to explain to TWO of the three that they in fact are black . . it seems to fall on deaf ears and they are just concerned that I am not MORE concerned.  It's really kind of tiring.  And if I were not already running on the treadmill I would want to run far far away.

And more to the point I DO know what Tyvek is   And I can wield a drill.  don't piss me off.  I'll screw with you.

I am so happy to think I get to work again for me but I'm also scared.  I'm harder on me than anyone could be.  I want my shit perfect.  and last time I checked my water walking skills involved a boat and a boom.  I try though.  Nothing I did in my past sewing life - OKAY save ONE job was ever sent back and that was clearly a smoking crack moment.  Not sure.  I fixed it -  moved on,.  Still remember it though.

But to think.  I could get to sew again.  for fun and profit.  in Ashburn VA (check out most wealthy area in the US - aka beats 90210 by an f' ton!)  Yes that's where I may have an in.  with chatty folks who chat up neighbors.  and yes I do curtains too.  and couches.

The hard part for me is dealing with decorators.  I had two of the best - most amazing women to work with in Oconomowoc (and I dare you to say that if you are not from Wisconsin)  And a sister team in Elkhorn that were amazing as well.  And I had the worst.  A diva from Brookfield that made me hate the business and shorted me.  I made a voodoo doll in her image.  or just wish I had.  MaryAnn.

It really does excite and scare me to my core.  I really am good.  at this.  Of this I am certain. 

the rest is just thread.

Friday, April 5, 2013

lil rando

This is based on a facebook post that I thought was just kinda witty.  Yeah. 

To quote, um, me:

"Do what speaks to you.  Live out loud and on purpose.  Try not to hurt things unless you have to and then apologize or say grace and enjoy.  Life ends.  Enjoy the wine."

I'm not sure those who don't KNOW me get it.  I'm not trying to overstate that I'm "COMPLICATED."  I am just Katie. 

I just finished Kitchen Confidential for like the 5th time.  It's the only book by Anthony B. that doesn't make me want to kill him.  He's got a great voice in reality - but his fiction sucks.  Bad.  I'm a writers reader and yuck. 

This makes me remember the one (count them ONE sermon my then husband Tim preached = Where is your passion?)  ugh.  I'm frankly still looking. 

fucking Pintrest.

Sorry to go all Fbomb there but Pintrest is my worst ADHD idea on steroids.  I need aderall just to approach my IPAD these days.  Do what speaks to you . . .  yes, that omg that - sqeeeeeeeee that's adorable oh MY GOOOOOOOD that's the best, why diddddn't  I think of that . . .

you see?  I'm a crafty crafter.  I am a bit of a hoarder PURELY by DNA.  I pretty much have the makings of - well.  everything.  You wanna make gak?  yeah.  I have borax.  Paint something?  what color and enamel or regular?  Glitter?  what type?  Yarn? - hahahahahhahahaha.  don't even.  I can stitch, paint, knit or pool noodle my way into whatever you wanna do.  but Pintrest added a WHOLE new level of competition.  Jesus I wanna get divorced and then remarry just to do a Pintrest wedding.  It's crazy.  What speaks to me is usefulness.

I won't knit a COZY for freaking anything.  unless it was previously cold and needed cozying and  I'm fairly certain my TP is NOT cold. 

I don't like useless things.  Art is great.  hang it wear it put on a wall or display it but dear LORD my vacuum is just fine.  she doesn't need a skirt.  I swear.  neither does my sewing machine.  her case is fine.  thankyouverymuch.

We are week two and change into the GARAGE project.  I don't like people in my yard.  I learned that this last little bit.  My dogs are on HIGH ALERT (aka BARK EVERY F'N SECOND!)  I'm rethinking my pet killing standard.  The guinea pig is the only one I DON'T want to murder lately. 

So what really sparked this post was a comment by someone I went to HS with -  miss M.  I am me.  I tend toward the non-confrontational of the species.  I don't like conflict.  just don't.  was taught at an early age to be a people pleaser.  is that the best way to be? no.  is it mine?  was.  not so much anymore but took some heartache and break to fix the worst of it.  so will I ever be my strong - say what you need to have happen sister? nope.  I prolly won't.  I just won't stand up and be that forward.  I envy her some days.  Some days I love that I'm me.   I have to.  I've got the only skin I've been given.  my heart is my heart. 
What M said is that she wished that everybody got her comments and live out loudness that they clearly didn't get when she shared what she was thinking to them.    OK.  Live out loud doesn't mean being mean, or rude.  If you don't know what that is . . . Run a comment by me first.  I'll let you know.  Maybe that is my place in life. . .  I have a son with Asperger's.  AKA no filter.  I hear how he talks and really he doesn't mean to sound rude.  He just says what his brain is thinking.  It comes across as rude OFTEN.  If you think what you want to say to X sounds confrontational?  ASK me.  Text me later get my number . . . . I'll answer.  Ask - I'll gentle it down. 

The thing I did at my last paid job gig that made the most sense was the thing that I wasn't hired to do really.  It was Behavior Analysis.  I know how someone - given their past, and character traits are going to react.  What their next move will be and how they are feeling.  I  haven't been wrong yet. 

That and I can find things.  but that's another animal

I guess it's my hands and brain that are who I am and where I find my passion.  I can read people for the most part.  I won't ever be a chef but I will always cook.  I'm slightly crazy but smart enough to know where rational ends and fringe begins.  and I have ALMOST more yarn than God. 

life is good.