Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Civil Inattention

Civil Inattention is what we as Americans do when we don't want to appear rude. or caring. or looking at someone in the "wrong way."  I first learned about the term in college and it always struck me as horribly Midwest.  We don't want anyone to think we "noticed" anything odd about them . . .  ugh.  I wish it didn't exist.  I wish I didn't do it.  I do. And have done -  but honestly I wish I didn't have to.

That person on social media ranting about XYZ cause that she really knows fuck all about because she's never really experienced anything in life but an education and thinks she knows it all and all you want to do is take her to task on it  - so you start.  And then delete.  Because you know a virtual war is meaningless and no one learns anything and there is nothing but bad words and backlash.  If I've learned nothing in life and dear Lord Jesus -  I have to believe that after almost 45 years I'm not as fucking dumb as I look - kindness really is the best cure.  I've wanted revenge for so many years on someone who really did the kind of damage it takes years of therapy and thousands of dollars to fix and what my God (I say mine not like I own Him but because others have their own version - I'm in the Jehovah/Yahweh camp) did to him and his family was a revenge I could never ever invent but personally I'm going to write about it.  Classic - God - you rock.  But frankly - I don't do revenge because I can't.  I take scripture too too seriously and "REVENGE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD" yeah.  He got this. 

So anywho... There are people who need an education.  In truth.  Justice. I hate Civil Inattention.  It makes us walk around blind to our surroundings.  I am seeing better lately.  must be the new contacts.