Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little help here...

Okay so if you actually are reading this . . . and really who the hell besides myself am I saying this to?  But if this does actually factually hit said cyber universe and IF anyone in said universe spoke fluent Katie  . . . what I am asking is were I to do the Julie/Julia experience - a year of X dangerously - what would you say for me?  You know me.  (okay Katie - what do you do?)  I knit.  for comfort - for gifts - for peace with my ocd hands - for conquest (sort of - sorry NO MARY TUDOR'S HERE FOLKS) I knit for texture, fit, wearability, coolness and gift.  I am at a proverbial crossroads.  I won't go into tantalizing detail for you gossip mongers but I am NOT in love with the company I currently work for and am looking to roads less traveled.  I am on a quest.  For the next.  I started reading a book a few days ago that frankly I didn't want to after I read the back and realized WHAT her year of knitting dangerously entailed.  Dear LORD Jesus - poke me in the eye with a size ZERO - YUCK.   She was going to knit this horribly complicated and frankly down right insane to look at -  But that got me going.. .....  what could I do for a year and chronicle it?  I can't eat most things most humans can eat - I run with a broken toe so apparently all but dental pain side track me -  but what should I write about for a year?

The husband says the sky's the limit as long as I'm happy . . . Yeah envy me today - call me in a year.  Ask for Roger.  If he's still here - it worked.

I'm really looking for ideas.  something for a year.  If you read this - and I'll just pretend you do - chime in.  Please.  I love the people I work with - some more than others - but I'm out soon.  Call it a sabbatical - whatever you want - August is mine.  If I have to go back - I will.  Gladly since I said - people over company but really - I need a different.  Focus - status - title - you name it.  MRS. is great.  Love that.  Not rocking that boat.  But different stance.

SO my loves - what? Since I love you and am asking - what?  The sex for a year unfortunately has been done.  YES R.someone else claimed that and sadly already happened - Day late dollar short as my mom would say. . . BUT what would you read about if I actually did it - and advance book sales are all the rage I hear  LOL!

Love you all and if YOU are just two people who love me - I know I will love what you say.  I'm game if you will be my helpers - readers - idea gods.

I need a new horizon.  I refuse to use paradigm shift because my personal paradigm is more than shifted thank you very much.  I want to do something that challenges and stretches but makes me better as a human.  I want to do something but yet I have to be home for kids and dogs and errant men (okay man) who need me so no trips to Bali on my ticket.

So chime in.  Please?  Thanks and just sayin.