Thursday, September 12, 2013

allergic reactions

I literally remember having mittens tied to my hands as a child.   No  - I wasn't part of some crazy cult  - unless you consider Wisconsin a cult (and it very well may be  - all cold and shit  ugh :D )  Actually the mittens were to prevent me from waking up to a bloody mess of scratching my arms in my sleep.

I am - and apparently HAVE been -  allergic to a lot of things.  mostly topical and yet very recently - internally - aka FOOD.

I remember my childhood and then adolescent years as a blur of things making my skin better or worse but no real answers since none were really sought.   Nummular Eczema was the technical term.  All I know is my HS photos needed HUGE photo shopping even in the world before that was even cool.  

On my own dime as an adult I finally got the tests that confirmed what I suspected.  I am allergic to nearly fucking everything.  Some chemicals more than others - yet I still flirt with the devil now and then to see what I get away with but the consensus is still normally the same.  If it's not plant derived and there are preservatives in it I can't use it on my skin.   Food is a whole different demon.  I can't eat wheat though I've been experimenting.  Milk is still taboo - and now the lactose pills don't work.  Even the really expensive ones.  If there's milk in it - I will know it.  And if you are standing next to me in the elevator you may too.  :D

I can only use laundry detergent that has no perfumes or color.  WELL, we purchased a front load deally a bit ago and the funny thing about the washer not using a ton of water is that they FREAKING stink right off!  I bleach everything so this funky smell was super off-putting in my camp.   So against my better judgment I okayed these washer bead things.  HORRIBLE skin reaction but damn did my washer smell good.  My kids don't react to things as bad as I do.  So I let them - since they do their own laundry but mine can have NONE of it.

The latest BAD skin (for me) incident involved a tank top and Rit dye.   I had a tank top that had been bleach stained so Trinity and I dyed some clothes purple to get rid of the stains.  They turned out great.  We washed them numerous times.  I put my tank on for bed.   Within 20 minutes I was freaking out.   My torso (no bra mind you) was on fire with hives.  Benedril helped a bit.  I woke up at 3 uberitchy and wanting to drug myself except I have kids to drive to school at 6:45am.  So I sucked it up and just scratched my nasty self into oblivion. 

I can have 6 strawberries without hives.  I can now eat a bit of pizza crust but no cheese.  Greek Yogurt is completely off limits . . . unless I want to offend everybody within  a 10 block radius. 

I don't know if wheat will ever come back to me but I'm pushing some boundaries.  

Skin things I don't think I can ever fix.  I can never ever ever never never ever dye my hair with chemical hair dye.  Henna or nothing.  I'm actually okay with that since I am the poster child for how amazing Henna is.  I have the most healthy thick hair that nearly hits my ass since it grows almost a foot a year.  Yeah - it's red and that works for me.  I have to import it from the middle east but better that than gas.  Parabens.  Can't touch them.  Literally.  There are 6 types and all are horrible to me.  They are cheap preservatives.  I hate them all.  I have to take rings off if I use hand lotion because if they sit inside  - my hands blow up like Micky Mouse.  

Nickel in any jewelry is certain death.  Or snaps or buttons that touch skin.  suddenly my watch has my wrist a bloody oozing mess.  I wore that watch for 6 years.  suddenly.  I can't. 

I can have a conditioner that freaking rocks and then on the 3rd go round suddenly makes my neck and hairline break out.  

It's a daily issue to figure out what I can or cannot eat.  I don't  know what it's like having diabetes - but I gotta say - I dearly pay for the food or product choices I make.  I feel like I am not "normal" though I guess these days I have no idea what "NORMAL" really is.  I play Russian roulette a lot.  I want to believe I can try things.  If they send me into a tail spin - hives, welts, gastrointestinal distress . . . I don't unusually do it again.  I take my chances.  I love ice cream.  I'm likely to eat it again.  reaction or no.  cuz really?  who can live without ice cream?

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